We supply steel structures

We supply structures

Is rough construction enough for you? We will manufacture, deliver and assemble the parts and frames for you.


Strength, space, precision.
In every project

  • High load

    Due to its rigidity, steel structures have excellent load-bearing capacity. It is therefore ideal for the construction of residential and industrial buildings, as it meets strict load and static criteria.

  • Extra
    square meters

    The narrow profile of the structures will increase your useful space by many m2. And at the same time, it still ensures perfect insulation – thermal and sound.

  • Accuracy

    The exact shape of the steel parts guarantees a perfect fit with windows, doors, floors, moldings and other elements in the interior. You can easily order these elements in advance.

  • Durability
    in all conditions

    The structure will survive pests, moisture, mold, fire, earthquakes and local tornadoes. Galvanized steel is a guarantee of above-standard durability, stability, safety and low maintenance costs.

  • Own production
    with guarantees of delivery

    There are no delays due to material shortages or long delivery times. We manufacture all parts in the Czech Republic and have them in stock. And you are not even dependent on the proximity of concrete plants.

  • Everyone can
    build it

    Just stick to the documentation and even a less skilled handyman can easily assemble the structure in a few days. The low weight and compactness of the parts also means easy handling and transport.

Family houses
Apartment buildings
Office buildings
Schools and kindergartens
Sports and storage halls
Construction for photovoltaics
Build-ins and extensions
Family houses
Apartment buildings
Office buildings
Schools and kindergartens
Sports and storage halls
Construction for photovoltaics
Build-ins and extensions

From design
to rough construction

  • We supply steel structures

    Let's start with a proposal

    Send us your project and we will design it in a steel version using 3D visualization. Don’t have a project, but an idea? We will design the building with you from the beginning, or we will choose the ideal type variant.

  • We supply steel structures

    We choose the thickness of steel

    According to the static assessment, we will select a suitable thickness (0.75 mm – 2 mm) of galvanized steel, from which we will manufacture individual profiles.

  • We supply steel structures

    We will produce profiles

    We produce all profiles on our automated lines. According to the production documentation, the entire frames (walls, ceiling and roof beams) are then created.

  • We supply steel structures

    We will do the installation

    From the manufactured profiles, we assemble entire frames (thickness 63 – 300 mm) that form the walls and ceiling and roof beams. Frames can be assembled in our workshop under controlled conditions, or directly on the construction site.

  • We supply steel structures

    We will arrange delivery

    We will deliver the profiles or entire frames to you, or you can transport them by yourself. Thanks to the low weight, even a smaller house can easily be loaded onto one truck.

  • We supply steel structures

    We will build a rough structure

    Our experienced technicians can handle the assembly  of the rough construction frames within a few days. Thanks to them, you also get a guarantee for the frame as a whole, not just for the manufactured profiles or frames. However, you can also assemble the entire frame by yourself according to the supplied assembly documentation. In neither case is there a need for heavy equipment.


We define new standards in the construction industry


The most often asked questions

  • How the joining of the elements of the structure is solved?

  • Is it necessary to have a foundation in the form of a reinforced concrete slab or only footings?

  • How is the structure anchored to the foundation?

  • What are the delivery times of the structures?

  • Do you provide technical advice?

  • What are periphery walls usually made of?

  • What is the typical composition of the roof?


The first step
is up to you

We will help you with everything else.

  • Checkmark low cost
  • Checkmark fast construction
  • Checkmark sustainability
  • Checkmark fast return of investment
  • Checkmark precise quality

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